GCSE Science

Easter/Spring  boosters: Science

(Easter- see options further down)

Friday 30th October

Combined/Trilogy Chemistry

Saturday 31st Oct

Separate Physics



Separate sessions for

Trilogy (formerly know as either Combined/ Double Award)

Also offering  Separate Sciences ( see further down)

Trilogy  AQA 

1-Biology     Fri 2nd April 

2- Physics     Mon 5th April

3-Chemistry  Tues 6th April


Trilogy OCR 21st Century

1-Chemistry Tues 6th April


Trilogy IGCSE Edexcel

1-Chemistry Tues 6th April

2-Physics please enquire




1- Biology Sat 3rd April

2- Chemistry Mon 5th April

3- Physics  Tuesday 6th April


 OCR 21st Century

1-Chemistry Mon 5th April

2-Biology please enquire

2-Physics please enquire


IGCSE Edexcel

1-Chemistry Mon 5th April

2-Biology please enquire

3-Physics please enquire




For further details email harpendentutors@hotmail.com and/or 01582 712866

Personalised learning, specific requested topics covered.


The course  aim to raise students’ confidence and to build on their current knowledge. The course tutor will contact each student prior to the course to assess their needs so that their time in the class is maximised. The exam skills developed will help consolidate each student’s current knowledge. The science tutor will assist each student with the more challenging topics and provide immediate feedback.

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