The Team

Managing Director

After a number of successful years in education both in the state and independent school sectors, as a teacher, Head of Department and as a School Manager, Nico is able to provide accurate and concise exam technique guidance to students helping them to achieve the grades necessary for their chosen University. A member of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors, Nico has experience as a Team Leader of Examiners for Edexcel, as an Examiner for OCR and as an Exam Moderator for AQA. After completing a professional develoment programme in Careers Education and Guidance at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Education he now implements a range of interview skills’ programmes for 6th Form students and advises on Personal Statements for UCAS applications.

Sandra Burton
Booking Co-Ordinator

After 20 successful years in the hospitality industry as a  Front Office Manager  and  now with experience within the education sector Sandra  is able to provide advice and guidance to parents with the matching of  each child  to the best possible tutor available.  Sandra is on hand to answer any queries  and ensure the smooth co-ordination of  all bookings.

Elaine C      BSc (Hons) PGCE
Exam Improvement Consultant/ Senior Science Tutor

A chemistry graduate and an experienced science teacher, Elaine has joined Harpenden Tutors as a senior science tutor/consultant with specific responsibility for developing methods to improve the revision and exam techniques of students.

Elaine has invaluable insight into maximising exam performance and the assessment process. ‘One of the key techniques to improving exam performance is the effective use of language in answering exam questions. Secondly being able to identify the distinction between one command word and another such as ‘Analyse’ or ‘Evaluate’.
This could make the difference between a pass and a fail’.

Associate Tutors – GCSE and A level

 (Below are just a few of our experienced teachers/tutors)

Elaine C     BSc (Hons) PGCE

Elaine is Subject Leader for chemistry and has extensive  experience in preparing students of all ages and abilities for GCSE and A level examinations. She is particularly skilled  in running booster sessions and advising  students on exam technique and correct question interpretation. Currently teaching on our GCSE Science and AS Chemistry weekend booster courses.


Ritu S        BSc (Hons) MSc PGCE

Ritu has extensive experience teaching A level Biology and has worked as an examiner for all of the main examining boards therefore Ritu is well placed to give guidance in A level Biology and examination technique . As an examiner she has marked hundreds of students’ papers and sees that many marks are lost by students who know their subject well but do not read the question properly.


Chris C         BSc(Hons)PGCE MA(Ed)                    Geography

Chris is Head of the Humanities Faculty at a leading grammar school in Derbyshire where his subject specialism is Geography. He is an examiner for A level Geography for both the AQA and Edexcel examination boards and the author of an a level revision guide published by CGP and interactive resources for both GCSE and A level geography, published by the Curriculum Press. With over 18 years experience of teaching and learning geography and a proven examination track record, Chris knows all of the inside tips and exam technique to help boost the students’ confidence.

Esther G  MEd, BA, QTS      Spanish

Esther is a native Spanish speaker and a passionate teacher of languages with more than 8 years’ experience in English Secondary Schools, teaching Spanish to all levels up to KS5 and French to KS4. Esther has also worked as Head of KS4 Spanish, and she has extensive experience designing an engaging and challenging curriculum focused on building student’s confidence and supporting all students in achieving their full potential.  She has consistently been rated as an outstanding classroom practitioner and her students achieve excellent GCSE and A-Level results.


Bob N        BA MPhil PGCE
Economics and Business Studies

Bob is a Principal Examiner for A level Economics for a leading examination board and the author of several articles in Economic Review, Economics Today and Business Review. He is also the author of Business Economics published by Anforme Ltd.
He has written a number of revision guides and is well respected within the economics teaching environment.

Michael H          BA (Hons) MA, PhD, PGCE


Having worked for twenty-five years in a variety of schools – comprehensive, private and specialist –  Michael is a vastly experienced teacher of English language and literature at all levels. As a head of department and a head of sixth form for part of that time, he was responsible for implementing the many changes to the English curriculum, course design, maximising achievement and the transition from school to university. Now a full-time tutor, he works closely with individual students to bolster their confidence and ensure they achieve their full potential.

Also an independent scholar, Michael has written extensively on Tennessee Williams and American drama. He is the author of several well-received books and articles, and he regularly presents at international conferences.