GCSE English Language/Literature


Catch-up October Half Term  booster: GCSE  English Language (See Spring dates below)

Sun 25th October

The catch-up course is centred around plugging any skills’ gaps since the March lockdown and focussing around the curriculum assessment objectives. In addition to improving and refining the application of punctuation, this course encourages resilience and exam skills based confidence in students.

SPRING DatesLanguage

Mon 29th March and/or Mon 31st May


Cohort 1    Sat 1st May Romeo and Juliet, A Sign of Four, Poetry(conflict theme

Cohort 2  Sunday 2nd May  Macbeth, An Inspector Calls, Poetry(conflict theme)

Cohort 3 Sat 8th May Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, Poetry (conflict theme)




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