11 Plus Exam Prep Revision Courses

Year 5

For the South West Herts Schools Consortium we are now taking bookings for our 11 Plus  5 day revision courses in preparation for the Consortium’s  academic  entrance exams. Each day runs from 9.15am-3.15pm with appropriate breaks.

PLEASE NOTE: the 11 Plus revision courses are in preparation for the academic entrance exams  for the following schools only:

Parmiter’s School

Queens’ School

Rickmansworth School

St Clement Danes School

Watford Grammar School for Boys

Watford Grammar School for Girls

South West Herts Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam Format

The South West Herts 11 Plus exam consists of two tests:

  • A Maths paper set by GL Assessment – this lasts for approximately 50 minutes
  • A Verbal Reasoning paper set by GL Assessment – this lasts for approximately one hour

For further details please contact us on elevenplusherts@hotmail.com


What to expect from our 11-Plus  prep exam revision course

During the course – revision, exam technique and mock exam

We will cover the major topics for each subject. The  sessions will be as interactive as possible allowing time for your child to fill the gaps in their learning.

Your child will answer exam questions to improve their exam technique. Tutors describe the different types of exam questions and explain how best to answer them to gain full marks. Whilst students are working independently tutors will give individual support.

During the last two days of the course there will be a formal mock exam in Maths and Verbal Reasoning. These will be taken under exam conditions. Afterwards the exam tutors will discuss some of the questions so that the children can learn from their mistakes.

At the end of the course then a written feedback report will be emailed to the parents

Course topics

Maths: Additional topics may be added to the following list. Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Basic algebra and equations, working with fractions, negative numbers, ratios, decimals, factors and multiples, percentages, sequences, special numbers and number patterns. Shapes and symmetry, area and perimeter, working out angles, measurement, 2D and 3D shapes, volume and capacity, reflection, rotation and translation. Reading scales and unit conversion. Data handling, graphs, probability, percentages and square numbers. Median, mean and range, telling the time and related problem solving.

Verbal reasoning: Covers a mixture of English and Maths logic questions. For example, letter and number sequences. Substituting letters and numbers. Relationships. Compound words. Number, vocabulary, spelling patterns. and comprehension. Missing letters from a word, words between words, forming new words, swapping words to make the sentence make sense and word problems.

To book please email elevenplusherts@hotmail.com