GCSE English Language/Literature

GCSE AQA  English Language

9.00am-4.30pm -see structure of a typical course below

The English language booster course will cover all writing and reading questions for both paper one (analysing and producing fiction) and paper two (analysing and producing non-fiction). Over the course of the day they will gain a clear understanding of both the whole exam (from comprehending the sources and learning how to find perceptive details) to answering each question to gain all the potential marks.

 The students will: learn the assessment objective for each question, be given tiered model answers with clear teaching on how examiners award marks for each band, write their own timed sections of responses (extra time will be given for those who need it) and gain 1:1 feedback and advice on any written answers.
Of vital importance to the day is students using the time given to answer questions effectively, 1:1 feedbacks after specific guidance is the most effective way to improve marks.

GCSE  AQA English Literature



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